playa mizata beach

Playa Mizata - El Salvador

Mizata beach is located at km 86 of the litoral road, around 90 minutes from the international airport and 30 minutes away from the city of Puerto de La Libertad, this is the last spot available next to la Libertad with good quality surf, perfect spot for travelers looking for privacy and a quiet enviroment, perfect for families, couples or group of friends looking for uncrowd surf.

Mizata is a great surf locations…with two huge exceptions….first, one generally has the waves to themselves, and secondly, the wave is very consistent. The point break is the most well-known of the breaks, but there is also a beach break and a reef break.

The Surf

El Salvador boasts a number of long righthand point breaks making it a surfers ideal destination. El Salvador has more than just one wave, and the whole country is literally swarming with awesome right point breaks. Although the western La Libertad area is where surfers first migrated to ,today locations like Mizata are drawing more and more surfers, not only because of the break, but the quietness and tranquility that comes with it. Even thought it is the smallest of the Central American countries, El Salvador claims the highest number of quality point breaks in Central America..

Accommodation in Playa Mizata

Resort was created to provide a comfortable, quiet, safe and relaxing environment for those who are tired of the noisy surf destinations.The owner/manager is an American, who traveled throughout El Salvador looking for accomidations that he was used to .

Mizata Surf Report and Forecast.